3 comments on “Feel Good Friday Thought| Re: Legalize Weed and Get Paid (Dec 2013)

  1. Try Medical Marijuana Inc (MJNA) and Medbox (MDBX). The only problem with buying small quantities of penny stocks is that your commission cost is such a huge percentage of the trade. For example, buy twenty dollars worth of stock and your ROUND TRIP commission will be $18 on Ameritrade. (You have to pay a commission both to buy and to sell) Your stock would have to almost double just to break even. Yet, you can buy $100 of the same stock for the same $18 commission, the stock would only have to go up less than 20% to get your money back. Moral of the story is to always figure in transaction costs, especially with low value stock. –Former financial advisor

    • Good Point, I think My commission is 7. Ive been in it so long I may have been grandfathered in, I dont plan on cashing out any time soon though, Im thinking years and years and years…In my eyes, its like a baseball card collection at this point. Thank you for the tip, Friend. I think the basic premise is still good though, Legalization is coming. I think now is the time to get on the train. Just get it out there so that people can become a part of it.

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